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My name is Patrick Wire. I’m a marketing and advertising guy. Simply put, I help clients identify business problems that can be solved by marketing. And then solve them.

I do this by offering advertising agency level thinking and creativity without the agency. I was a Principal at The Richards Group, the largest privately owned ad agency in the country, for 15 years and struck out on my own 8 years ago. I went out on my own after realizing I was tired of the big agency culture of bureaucracy, paranoia, and egos.

My agency model is unique because I offer big advertising agency thinking and creativity but without all the hassles and headaches that are usually associated with the big agency. Over the years I have built relationships with some of the most experienced, talented and brainy creative, media and productions folks around. So, once the business problem is identified I dive into my Rolodex and bring in exactly the right folks for the job. It is smart and super-efficient. Frankly, it has been refreshing for me to work this way and my clients love it.

For more about me, check out my LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/pwire.

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Before you can solve a problem, you must first identify what the problem is.

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I have built relationships with some of the most experienced, talented and brainy creative, media and production folks in the country.


One of those relationships has turned into a strategic partnership with Revel.

Horacio Cobos is an award winning creative director who I worked with at The Richards Group and now has his own company, Revel. After working with each other on several projects over the years, we formed a strategic partnership that consists of shared ideas, projects, and office space.

If you have a business problem marketing can solve,
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