The Challenge Sutherland Furniture is a high-end, outdoor furniture maker of truly unequalled design, craftsmanship and materials. In the midst of a new website design, Sutherland Furniture approached Wire Consulting to help write, produce and execute a series of videos explaining the brand. The Solution We found no [...]


The Challenge Create a brand campaign that would educate people about how THHBP has become one of the top 20 heart hospitals in the country. The Solution Using the tagline we created, "No heart like yours. No care like ours", we developed a visually interesting brand campaign that consisted of key [...]


The Challenge Launch a new energy brokerage in a category that is confusing and overly complicated. The Solution We set out to show that Quadrangle is made of experienced people who know their stuff, but also are regular folks who use everyday language. This is reflected in the logo, website, collateral and [...]


The Challenge In an incredibly competitive primary care market, BSWH wanted a compelling campaign that highlighted how much better their services were than what was available from the typical doc-in-the-box. The Solution Our approach was to break category norms by using animation and illustrations as visual eye-candy to list the [...]

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